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In a newly created streetside garden designed and built by Landscape Supervisor Chris Kern, Landscapers Shannon Adams and Mark Thomas give the Heuchera some extra attention.  Located at the intersection of McCormick Road and Emmet Street, the garden will greet many of the 35,000 attendees during the May 18-19 Graduation weekend. In Pavilion Garden VIII, Landscaper Michael Leff mows the perfectly manicured turf to prepare for the 2013 Final Exercises on May 19th at the University of Virginia. Project Services Carpenter Quentin Walker (front) pushes a stack of chair pallets as some of the other 40 members of the Facilities Management shops (background) skillfully set up 21,000 chairs on the Lawn between 7:30-11:00 a.m. Thursday prior to the May 19th Final Exercises at the University of Virginia. (From left in front) UVa Director of Major Events Pam Higgins meets with Facilities Management’s Central Grounds Zone Maintenance Supervisor Darryl Napier and Project Services Finished Trades Supervisor Mike Gibson and (from left in background) the Environmental Health & Safety team – Frank Messina, Gerald Drumheller, and Safety Fire Safety Inspector Greg Harp – to review logistics of the Lawn setup for the May 19th Final Exercises. Through Chuck It For Charity, the University of Virginia and its partners have made move-out activities easier for many departing students and diverted tons of unwanted household items from area dumpsters and landfills.  Facilities Management Recycling staff carry the load! Facilities Management Landscape Division's Ibrahim Mapre (L) and Michelle Beaudreau are among the landscapers assigned to special decorative plantings primarily in the North Grounds area.  Here they check a test arrangement of Primrose in a less conspicuous area. Steve Ratliff, supervisory senior construction administration manager (CAM), explains the process used to strip paint from the pedimented hoods above the Rotunda’s main floor windows.  All exterior ornaments at the Rotunda are actually sheet copper, not wood, pressed to form classical details and painted white. During the America Recycles Day in November 2012, UVa Scholars' Lab GIS Analyst Chris Gist magically captures an aerial view of the Lawn with the Recycle Logo in place. Facilities Management Landscape Supervisor Chris Ward noted that recent work on the south end of the Lawn received complete turf restoration during the winter break. Included was a new irrigation system installed on the turf in front of Rouss, Cocke, and Old Cabell Halls. Recycling workers (L-R) Jason Snow and Jamal Gordon are collecting residual cardboard from cardboard recycling efforts in which the boxes occasionally are not completely emptied.
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Facilities Management...Creating and caring for the physical environment in which those who seek enlightenment, knowledge, health and productive lives can flourish.
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Viwe of the Lawn through Rotunda columns
Jennifer Watson, U.Va. FM    

Facelift Underway for UVA’s Rotunda

A major makeover is underway for the centerpiece of the University of Virginia. As the crews start their work, the people who have worked inside the historic Rotunda for years are almost done moving out.

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Dogwood blooms
Dan Addison, U.Va. Communications     

Rotunda Tenants Pack Up, Move Out

The planning started months ago, determining who and what was going where. The packing went on for weeks. Now the Rotunda is nearly empty.

On Monday, the University of Virginia begins a two-year renovation of the centerpiece of Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village. Workers will upgrade mechanical systems, repair portico roofs, replace column capitals and install new fire and life safety systems.

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Community Involvement
Day of Caring
Sept. 18, 2013

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Employee Events
Nov. 11, 2013
In observance of Veterans Day, Facilities Management said "Thank you" to colleagues who served or are serving in the military.
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 Hoo's Well
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Jones Fountain at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia watched over by Peonies.
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